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Ode to 40 years! With thanks to all of the Greenery employees who helped us along the way!

Greenery Employee Reunion!

We are gathering to celebrate 40 years of making Calgary Green! We would love to hear from you, come join us at our Open House on September 8th and our Reunion picnic on September 9th. Register using the form below and we will update you with the details.


Ode to 40 years

77 was the year, yes it started with a plan
I walked the streets of downtown Calgary with a watering can
New towers we’re going up throughout the core
They had to have plants on every single floor

Our living room was our warehouse, for six years and more
No furniture at all, plants covered the floor
When they had to be delivered, I’d fill up the car,
The Pontiac 2+2 convertible, she was the star.

Single plants in plastic pots, and old macramé,
That’s what we used back in the day.
Decades have passed and our industry has grown
Our technology has improved from a pager to a phone

Now we have plant systems called living walls
in offices, and lobbies and some shopping malls.
They can be as simple as a picture in a nice frame,
Or something fabulous that can win you international acclaim.
Our Jamieson wall and the Staghorn are two
Award-winning projects, to name just a few
And now we have Moss, so bright and so green,
We make into picture walls, they have to be seen.
But it doesn’t stop there, green roofs, are the latest,
Our maintenance team I swear is the greatest!

So how do you stay in a business so long?
There are so many things, that could go wrong.
We’ve had our struggles, I will not lie,
There were three recessions, and plants that will die.
But it comes down to people, our team has been strong,
They all love their job and they all get along.
When someone needs help or someone is hurt,
Everyone pitches in, gets their hands in the dirt.

Because its a team, it’s not just me
A whole lot of people have built Greenery!

The Sisterhood and Brotherhood of The Traveling Plant

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