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Joanne Young, a 40+ year veteran in the Interior Landscaping Industry, is a transplanted Easterner. Growing up in Burlington Ontario, she headed to Calgary to seek fame and fortune after teaching elementary school in Ontario for 5 years. She stumbled into the industry which was in its infancy in Calgary in the late 70’s and Greenery Office Interiors Ltd. was born. By focussing on excellent customer service, Greenery managed to stake a claim in Calgary and hasn’t looked back.

Among Greenery’s many award winning projects, 2 stand out with International recognition. The Winter Garden in Jamieson Place, is home to one of the largest Interior Living Walls in North America. Along with its amazing bamboo garden, this magical retreat and multi award winning project was called, the “Interiorscape Installation of the Decade”. Greenery’s most recent award winning Living Wall project is “The Staghorn” an amazing project built in partnership with Green Over Grey. Besides recognition for state of the art Living Walls, Greenery has also been recognized for other installations and projects such as the Nexen Atrium, The Sheraton and Hyatt Hotels and in 2014, an amazing company project of multi coloured planters for an oil company head office. With creative marketing skills and an outstanding reputation in the community, Young was named the Western Regional winner in the Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year in 1999. Young is often called upon to participate in Industry forums, articles for publications, judge for competitions, and a guest speaker.

In 2014, Young joined a group of exceptional Interiorscapers and founded Pinnacle V. This International Peer Group, with members throughout North America works on best-practices and the group invests in personal, professional and financial growth of their lives and businesses. Young’s love of teaching and plants is now coming together as Greenery is assisting schools in the Calgary area with Living Wall installations. For more information, have a look around our site or check out www.facebook.com/greenerycalgary. Young can also be followed on Twitter as @greengaljo.



email_icon2Kelsie grew up in the Kootenay region of British Columbia; her appreciation for plants and the outdoors started there. Her interest in nature eventually developed into a yearning to know more about plants and the positive impacts they provide to urban areas and the people that utilize these areas. Kelsie studied horticulture at Olds College and obtained her Diploma as a Horticulture Technologist, and has throughout her studies, continued with Greenery to pursue her career in interiorscaping.

She initially joined us in the spring of 2018 and worked as both an indoor and outdoor technician, and in the fall of 2018, she began as a Sales and Design Consultant. Now that her Diploma is completed, Kelsie is eager to continue implementing biophilic design throughout Calgary to create a greener city.



email_icon2It’s been said that good things come in pairs, and we have to agree. Kelsie and Camille, sisters who are only a year apart, have joined forces as our sales and design team. Camille, Kelsie’s older sister was raised with an appreciation for nature and adventure. Camille joined the workforce at the age of 12 as a chambermaid of a historic manor and from there has pursued work in environments that embraced her innate capacities for customer relations, organization and creativity. She finds fulfillment in navigating challenges, learning new skills and most importantly working with others to execute their goals. Camille’s fascination with history and human nature has fueled her to pursue an education in Interior Design. She is currently completing her diploma with the Interior Design Institute. Camille values her own wellness and the wellness of others through physical fitness and through the promotion of healthy environments at home, work and everywhere in between. She believes that these spaces should be intentional and well cared for, as they can give back more to us. Camille is eager to express her passion for design and wellness through the utilization of plants with Greenery.



email_icon2Kelly started working with Greenery in 2001 as a Horticultural Technician. When we discovered her hidden talent we brought her into the office to manage our accounting and she now is our Office Manager as well. Kelly has two terrific kids, and she loves spending weekends in Fernie. Kelly loves to ski in the winter and golf in the summer.



email_icon2Erica is originally from Zambia she has traveled and lived in many countries before finally settling in and calling Calgary home. She has a bachelors degree in Environmental science from Manchester, UK and spent four years working in outdoor landscaping, before joining Greenery in 2018 to combine her knowledge of plants with logistics & Operations. She enjoys playing soccer and after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has a passion for exploring and hiking the Rockies.



email_icon2Kristen is from Kingston, Ont., originally but has lived and worked in both Calgary, Alta., and Halifax, N.S. She is an award-winning communications specialist with more than two decades of experience working for and with media outlets across the country and even internationally. Kristen has worked as a full-time reporter for The Chronicle Herald and Metro Canada, and as a freelance journalist for various newspapers, magazines, television stations and publications, ranging from The Canadian Press (CP) to The Sports Network (TSN). She twice won the silver Jim MacNeill New Journalist Award, recognizing the top new talent in Atlantic Canada, as well as four world championship gold medals with Canada’s National Women’s Team as a communications and media relations coordinator for Hockey Canada.

Kristen has worked in industries ranging from education and health care to sports. She leads communications for several companies, including accessibility agency Level Playing Field and Greenery Office Interiors in Calgary, under her own brand, First Line Communications. She’s enjoying learning the ins and outs of greenery design and loves orchids in her kitchen and lilacs in her backyard.

Kris Lipscombe Greenery Office Interiors


email_icon2Born and raised in the rural Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia where I was surrounded by nature in so many beautiful aspects, it encouraged me to continue such an easy interest I’ve always had! The days were always well spent either camping, at the beaches, or even camping next to the beaches! I Graduated college with a Diploma in Natural Resources in Environmental Technologies where majority of the hours where dedicated to being out in the wilderness. I learned and experienced the value of our green surroundings. Once finished college, I travelled alone across Canada to the beautiful mountains of Canmore, AB where I had a whole new view of this beautiful Country. Here is where I rescued my four-legged sidekick, and my constant love Ivy! I am excited to engage with the people and clients here at Greenery, by sharing my view and appreciation in what grows from our beautiful earth!


OUR GREAT STAFF – Horticultural Technicians / Delivery & Installation


Team Leader

Joined Greenery in 2013


Horticultural Technician

Joined Greenery in 1996


Snr. Horticultural Technician

Joined Greenery in 2003


Green Support

Joined Greenery in 2019


Green Support

Joined Greenery in 2020


Horticultural Technician

Joined Greenery in 2016


Horticultural Technician

Joined Greenery in 2017


Horticultural Technician

Joined Greenery in 2018


Horticultural Technician

Joined Greenery in 2019


Horticultural Technician

Joined Greenery in 2014


Horticultural Technician

Joined Greenery in 2019


Horticultural Technician

Joined Greenery in 2019


Green Support

Joined Greenery in 2021


Office Mascot

Daisy was born in 2009!