The Winter Garden at Jamieson Place


Chito Pabustan, from Gibbs Gage Architects, Calgary, had a vision for this 25,000 square foot area. It should be a contemplative, restful space. He carried the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design from the exterior to the interior in the Winter Garden by promoting a visual connection between the user and the passerby through clear glazed glass. Planters with Black Bamboo are centrally located throughout the space.

Planters with Sanseveria Cylindrica border the seating area on the south side. Planters with Sanseveria Laurentii and Swedish Ivy border the north side with a strong visual presence from 3rd Avenue.

The 2000 square foot Living wall anchors the west wall and has created an amazing meeting place for tenants and visitors who enjoy comfortable leather seating facing this force of nature. You will find people whispering or talking softly which proves that the architect’s vision was truly successful.

An Award Winning Project!

This project has been recognized by the following awards:

  • PIA (Plantscape Industry Alliance) Award of Excellence, Winter Garden Installation, August 2010, San Diego, California
  • PIA (Plantscape Industry Alliance) Award of Excellence, Living Wall Category, August 2010, San Diego, California
  • PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Grand Award, Winter Garden Installation, October 2010, Louisville, Kentucky